Welcome to the AudiBoi!


First, be sure the book isn’t already uploaded. Use the search box at Search by a few words in the title, or the author’s name. f you do find a book, but you can’t listen or download report it to Broken link section. If you’re sure the book isn’t already uploaded, then, check if there is an existing request thread.

Go to the “Forum Home” and search. If there is a unsatisfied request, you may bump it (add a “Me too!”, etc. — but if the request has been archived ((put in “Fulfilled” or “Unfulfilled”)) you should start a new request). If there is no open request, you can make a new request:


Open a Topic in an appropriate subforum. Choose one forum only; do not spam copies in multiple subforums.

TOPIC TITLE: Title and Author — must be precise — and check they are correct.

BODY: here give a link that shows the audiobook you want. The publisher usually and whatever description you like. — DO NOT use link redirects (e.g.; and you can delete the referrers text after the ASIN in an GoodReads, Amazon or Audible link). —
Then click Add Topic! to post it.

When you create a new request, select “Subscribe to this topic” at the top or bottom to get follow-up replies via email. Then you will get an email alert if anyone responds (even weeks or months later). (Make sure that emails from the forum can get through to you and are not blocked as spam).

Notes: The links must show that the requested books exist in audio format and where they are available. (E.g., give the publisher’s product page for the book.)

Include the date and the link to the publishers webpage for the audiobook.

GoodReads Link Example

Amazon Link Example

  • Single book requests:

Author & Title in the subject line. In the body Paste link(s) referring to the audio edition of book(s) you wish to be uploaded.

  • Series requests:

Author & Series Name in the subject line. (Please include book numbers needed, ex. 4-7). The body should include individual titles to assist uploaders searching for your book.

  • Requesting Multiple Books:

Multiple Books by a particular author, are allowed. Multiple Books in a series, are allowed. Various titles by various authors, are deleted.

  • Check for responses!

If you clicked “Subscribe to this topic” as suggested when making the request, or any time later, you’ll get a message when anyone responds.

  • When a request is filled:

Mods will move threads to the archive once fulfilled.

  • Request Rules & Limits:

  1. Account has to be 30 days old before able to make book request.
  2. Wait at least 2 weeks from the release date before opening request for a new book.
  3. 5 requests per week, per user.
  4. Max 20 book request per month. (ex: if you request a series with 7 book you will be allowed to request 13 more book that month)
  5. You are allowed to open only one account, user with multiple account will result in ip ban.
  6. Do not bump a request more often than every two weeks.
  7. If someone else makes a request you can bump it once any time, but then wait at least 2 weeks before repeating.
  8. If you need to add information before then use the Modify/Edit button:
  9. Do not duplicate request threads and/or cross-post in multiple sub-forums (Categories).

* Excess requests and bumps will be permanently deleted & and account will be blocked.